Age: 6  Year Diagnosed: 2012  Location: Eagle Rock, CA

"You should always check yourself if you feel low, cause I'm basically always right when I feel low. 
 My favorite snack to eat when I'm low are fruit strips.   

When I'm high, I feel crazy. I feel like running around for the whole entire day. I can feel high for half a day but I only feel crazy for the first hour. 

When I grow up, I think I'm gonna be a paleontologist. Dinosaurs lived before us so I don't think they ever had diabetes. But maybe they tried to eat each other cause their blood sugars were low cause they needed sugar. Maybe they ate a frosting plant!"


Best advice from Oscar's dad: "Find a babysitter. Give yourself some days off. Get a break.  Buy extra meters. Leave one in your car. Your husband or wife's bag. Your friend's house you always go to. Be prepared."