Age: 21  Year Diagnosed: 2014  Location: Irvine, CA

"I remember my first time back at college after being diagnosed, I sent this long email explaining to one of my TAs the things I might have to deal with in class diabetes wise. The whole time I was typing out the email something in my gut told me that I didn't need to, that somehow the TA already knew all of this. I send the email anyways and come to find out that my TA was also a T1 diabetic! It was the coolest thing!

I kind of feel like I'm only half diabetic sometimes. I've been extremely lucky to be in my honeymoon phase basically since my diagnosis making my management so much easier than most people with t1d. I'm so thankful to be honeymooning this long but it's going to make things just that much harder when it ends.

Be your own advocate, know what tools/information you need to succeed in managing your diabetes and go out and get it. "