Age: 27  Year Diagnosed: 1990  Location: Redondo Beach, CA


"I would greatly encourage other diabetics to do two things; educate yourself (lifelong learning) and connect with other type 1 diabetics. There is no one who can have a greater impact on your management than yourself, but with that being said, we call can learn a great deal from one another. I have been a T1D for 26 years of my 27-year life and it has been an amazing journey. Diabetes is who I am at the core because I have not known any different. For someone who has had T1 his entire life one might think, “I bet this dude has it figured out”. Not even close, but through many failures and the killer support system I was blessed with, I am very close to being my perfect self. I say educate yourself because diabetes is your life but it honestly does not have to change your life. Use the good days and the bad days to mature and make the appropriate changes moving forward. Trial and error is truly your best friend, so be patient and do your best to be disciplined; it will carry you a long way. Management strategies that work well for me might be terrible for another T1D. I’m a carbohydrate connoisseur and beer enthusiast, but I also work 14 hours day 7 days a week half of the year and seek every available opportunity I have to go mountain biking or climb rocks. Utilize a journal with notes, food/carb intake, daily exercise, etc. is a great tool to analyze and adjust your current regimen. And what was previously mentioned is why I think it is imperative to connect and build relationships with other diabetics. The knowledge you will be able to gain through hearing each person’s story, struggles, and ideas could be a tremendous help in your journey with this disease. "