Age: 21  Year Diagnoed: 2005  Location: San Diego, CA


"I am lucky enough to have had a positive outlook on my diabetes ever since I was diagnosed. I attribute my positive attitude towards diabetes to all the life-long relationships I made because I have diabetes and would not exist if I did not. The support system I have had for 11 years now is incredible and I would not trade those friendships for anything, even if that meant not having diabetes. When I was in the hospital, after my diagnosis, all I could think about is how could I help the future children,like myself, affected by type 1 diabetes. Ever since then I wanted to be involved in the diabetes community to do whatever I could to help. I have continued to work and volunteer at a diabetes summer camp and at The PADRE Foundation throughout my adult life. I am now studying business in hopes of working for a medical device company that can change the lives of children and adults living with type 1 diabetes."