Age: 28  Year Diagnosed: 2014  Location: San Diego, CA


“Small inputs = small mistakes! Think of your insulin dose amount like traffic. The more cars (insulin) you have on the road (in your body), the increased likelihood of an accident (highs & lows). I.e. The less insulin you need to inject for a meal, the less variability in blood sugars. I strive for low-carb 80% of the time because not only is it ideal for overall (mental & physical) health, but the foundation of good blood sugar control. Experiencing highs and lows doesn't have to be a daily occurrence! Obviously you can't mimic your pancreas perfectly, but you do have the ability to have great control if you are intentional about what you fuel your body with. My passion is to help others keep their blood sugars happy! Anxiety, stress, and feeling burnt out from managing this disease 24/7 is something we all experience at some point--I still have my moments. I am a true believer of allowing our circumstances and difficult life seasons shape us into greater, stronger people and that is something I can confidently say Type 1 Diabetes has done for me. It has taught me mindfulness, patience, and has brought great awareness to what foods do what to my body.  It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and has empowered me to get to the healthiest place I feel I have ever been physically and emotionally!”