Age: 17  Year Diagnosed: 2011  Location: Anaheim, CA


"The most embarrassing thing that has happened to me regarding diabetes is when my teacher called me out for being on my phone in class but I was really just testing my blood. I had to hold up my tester in front of everyone to prove myself

Diabetes is not the end of the world. If I had never been diagnosed, I would have never met such an amazing and supportive group of people."


Best piece of advice from Monica's parents: "Spend lots of time talking to your dr.. get your kid involved with JDRF/Padre asap. Involve school nurse, meet face to face. Educate all teachers, friends and parents of friends. Plan for the worst, expect the best. Take it slow in the beginning, keep educating yourselves as child grows. Stay connected to T1D community for life. Trust teenagers, allow them to screw up, so they begin to take ownership.
Life does move on as the family learns how to live a T1D life."