Age: 17  Year Diagnosed: 2009 Location: Garden Grove, Ca

"The most embarrassing thing was when I was checking my blood sugar during class and trying to hide what I was doing , when I squeezed my finger to get blood it squirted everywhere, on my face, paper, and clothes. About half my class saw what happened and they were grossed out but it was super embarrassing having to explain what happened.

I wish people didn't assume the worst or think that i can't eat something or do something great like this disease is going to hold me back.

Diabetes sucks but if it wasn't for it I wouldn't have meet all the great people in my life that understands what I'm going through.

Get involved with Padre Foundation as soon as possible it's honestly the best thing you could ever be apart of and you'll make lots of friends also think about Camp Conrad Chinnock it's an amazing camp!"