Age: 15  Year Diagnosed: 2010  Location: Lake Forest, Ca

"I wear a continuous glucose monitor and I am a wrestler. It isn't always very convenient. There was one day in particular where I kept falling on my back which is where I happened to have the CGM site. There were two girls who kept saying that if I was going to wear it then I shouldn't be wrestling. This threw me off pretty hard because it made me feel like I shouldn't be there because I had to wear the CGM. It got to the point where I was in tears and my team captain had to take me out of the room to calm me down. She gave me a talk that i probably wont forget. She told me that no matter what other people say about it I know that i have the ability to do anything that they could whether i had to wear a CGM or not. She also talked to me about how strong i am because of what i go through every day and how i handle it. I think this is a really important thing for diabetics to remember: No matter what a person who doesn't understand what your going though says, you are so strong and should be so proud of yourself because you are going through something nearly impossible to deal with."

Best Piece of advice from Madison's mother: "Love your T1D child and yourself! help them learn and understand the disease. Let family and friends be involved with caring for your T1D child. Let your child feel normal by having sleepovers and spending time with friends."