Age: 14  Year Diagnosed: 2012  Location: Los Angeles, Ca

"The thing that bothers me most is that people think Type One Diabetics can't do the same things as people without diabetes or that they can't eat the same foods. I'm able to snowboard, rock climb, hike, participate in technical theatre, eat cake, and more. My ultimate goal is to work in photography and film and travel around the US and the world. I'm not letting diabetes, its challenges, or the misconceptions that come with it get in the way of that. I think people need to realize that people with Type One are normal, we just have extra steps along the way.

I've carried small packs of Skittles in my bag ever since I was diagnosed and it has really saved me on multiple occasions. Also, cutting small holes in jumpsuit and pant pockets has been really helpful for times where I may not want my insulin pump to show. Also, I would definitely recommend getting involved with PADRE Foundation and Camp Conrad Chinnock. They're both amazing and they've helped my family and I deal with Type One so much. I've met my best friends at Camp Conrad Chinnock and I wouldn't trade diabetes for the world because of them."

Best piece of advice from Lily's mom: "Give your child a clear message that you believe they can do this. Even when you are scared yourself.... empower them with confidence."

From her dad: "For as daunting and overwhelming like it feels in the beginning, it really is manageable and your family can do this."