Age: 15  Year Diagnosed: 2004  Location: San Diego, Ca

"This one time I was in class in 3rd grade and i needed to test my blood sugar. When i squeezed my finger to get the blood out, it squirted all over the kid that was next to me. This also happened in a barber shop and again in eighth grade.

I feel that diabetes is a very difficult thing to keep under control, especially when you are growing. Once you get everything down and know what you are doing, it gets easier and just a part of your every day routine, like it's something in everyones normal life.

Keep all your stuff in a backpack and take it everywhere with you. I've never had really bad thing happen because of that backpack. And don't be afraid to test at school. It's stupid not to."

Best piece of advice from Colin's parents: "Three things: 1)Learn as much as you can about diabetes, REALLY understand it. Technology has made it so much easier to research than even 15 years ago! Google, and read, read, read!

2)Get a Dexcom share cgm and a blood ketone meter. Those two things have kept us out of dka/ emergency episodes for the last 8 years!

3)Go out of your comfort zone, and make repeated efforts to meet other families with type 1. We have made lifetime friends through this disease. Find groups in person and online. Don't give up, we are not alone!!!