Age: 9  Year Diagnosed: 2013  Location: Anaheim Hills, Ca

"The most embarrassing thing about diabetes for me, is when my Omnipod malfunctions in class and it lets out the most loud, awful sound ever. Everyone stares at me.

My life  hack for you is that if the adhesive on your Omnipod or Dex is horribly itchy, ask your parents to spray Flonase on your skin before inserting!"

Best piece of advice from Isabella's mother: "This sucks. And I'm not going to "sugar coat it" (pun intended") and tell you that this will become your new normal. Nothing about diabetes is "normal" . But, with a little extra planning things can be made easier and will get better.
Don't give up on family vacations or outings. These things are still possible. And, like a friend of another Type 1 child once told me.. Get a carb counting scale, buy sugar free syrup for those Sunday morning pancakes, make some crystal light and Cool whip (which has practically no carbs) makes everything a little more special ;)"