Age: 11  Year Diagnosed: 2008  Location: Los Angeles, CA


"I have played almost every sport my school has offered. I have received two trophies for cross country. I have also received athlete of the week for: cross country, varsity volleyball, and soccer. I have received all of these awards with diabetes. "

Best piece of advice from Charlotte's parents: Get your child involved in any diabetes related activities, including camp. If there is not one, start one, even playdates. You will meet people that get you and your children to meet kids that get them. It will be a great support for all involved. 
I had a plan in my head, that after learning about diabetes, we would never have a number over “X”. X started pretty high and eventually was going to get lower and lower.  I finally realized that even people living with diabetes who have good blood glucose control get a high blood sugar now and again.  I had these big goals, I’ve been reminded that sometimes we have to celebrate the small ones too.