Age: 15  Year Diagnosed: 2009  Location: Huntington Beach, CA

I was in fourth grade and just went on the pump.  I was sitting in class and it was time for me to eat. That day, we had a sub and he didn't know I had diabetes, but I thought my teacher left a note for him.  As I took my pump out so I could eat, he called me out and demanded to give him my pump.  He thought it was a phone so he made me go to the principle's office.  I was so embarrassed and I was till young so I didn't know how to stick up for myself.

Best piece of advice from Julia's mother:  Parents should just try and take one day at a time.  Predicting that the child is going to stay in a normal range is going to make you very frustrated and wondering what you are doing wrong.
Also, partner with your child to manage this disease, do not put all responsibility on a very young child.  Educate everyone together as a team.  The end result will produce a much more responsible teen and adult.