Age: 29 Year Diagnosed: 2002 Location: Marina Del Rey, Ca


"Describing yourself as a big kid who never really wanted to grow up is hard when you're just shy of your 30th birthday. It's my spontaneous, quirky, fun-loving mentality that has helped me deal with preforming daily tasks to care for my diabetes. Living in control has been a direct result of failure, hard work and determination. I didn't know it at the time, but 13 years ago Type 1 Diabetes steered my life in the right direction and I've learned a tremendous amount because of it. 

Working a 9-5 job is a real drag, but it's helped me create the platform on which I now operate. I never enjoyed school, so making sure I got a well-paying job with good insurance was the only thing I thought about coming out of college. I'm an artist at heart who spends free time time running around taking photos, shooting video, and riding bikes and boards up and down California. My adventures have only evolved since moving to the west coast. 

I recently took medical leave from work and over those 10 weeks I challenged myself more than I ever had before. Saw more doctors and gave more blood than I ever had in that short of time period. I kept a food, liquid and insulin journal everyday to track of my intake. Analyzing these hand-written journals helped me understand my mistakes. During that time I completed a 4,000 mile road trip around the west coast in the form of a huge blood droplet (seriously). 

The last 2 years have been the most positive and productive of my life. I had to first change my mind about changing my life, take action, then meal planning and diet have helped transform my goals. I am now the healthiest I've ever been (A1c is 6.5) and I work harder each day to achieve a balance for myself with work and diabetes through diet and exercise. Prepping and eating all whole, organic, fresh food with proper portions - I can confidently say I feel the best I've ever felt. 

My physical and mental issues have taught me to be patient and understand the things in life you cannot control. Maintaining my blood sugar over the last 13 years - and most specifically the last 2, has proven that there are things you can control. 

I cannot wait to continue my journey and meet more people with Type 1, share our story and change the world."