Age: 28 Year Diagnosed: 1993 Location: Palms, CA


"A few years ago my husband Sean and I were flying from Los Angeles to Boston to visit his family. We were taking a red eye so we were exhausted. I am also an extremely anxious flier to begin with so airports/airplanes are not my favorite place. We made it through security with no issues and as the plane took off I thought I felt my Dexcom sensor vibrating in my bag. Once we were in the air I decided to see what my blood sugar was but I couldn’t find my sensor anywhere. I literally dumped my purse out on my husband’s lap and went through everything. I looked on the floor around our seats, asked the people sitting behind me if they saw anything, looked between the seat cushion and my chair, my husband’s chair, everything. And then I lost it. I started freaking out and crying, again, I HATE to fly. The flight attendant came over to try to console me. I described my Dexcom sensor to her and told her what it did, why it was so important and that I couldn’t find it. They made an announcement for everyone to check under their seats. Once we landed I crawled up and down the aisle on my hands and knees looking for my sensor. It was gone. When we got back to LA after a week of testing 100 times a day, I found my Dex, sitting on my coffee table, exactly where I had left it.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes and Pregnancy: I also hate the misconception that Type 1 Diabetics can’t have kids. That may have been the case 60 years ago, but I know tons of people with Type 1 diabetes who have children and even more who are currently having children. It certainly was more difficult before insulin pumps and sensors, but it wasn’t impossible. I am 7 months pregnant with my first child, a boy due in September. Getting pregnant took a lot of preparation and being pregnant is a lot of work. I use a Dexcom sensor and a Medtronic insulin pump. I check in with my doctors weekly, check my blood at least 10 times a day (even with my sensor on at all times), eat the same or similar foods daily, and try to keep to a similar daily routine. It’s doable and totally worth it. I will say that my blood sugars have never been this well controlled before! We can’t wait to meet our little guy and Wilfred is excited to meet his baby brother!"