Age: 26 Year Diagnosed: 2004 Location: Garden Grove, Ca


"After having diabetes for 4 years, I finally decided to get an insulin pump. (I was not happy about it though and not ready!) It was a Medtronic tubed pump and I was trying to figure out ways to wear it with dresses (and how to hide it). So I found a Velcro pump holder that strapped around my thigh and I used that while I went out shopping later that day. As I was crossing the busy intersection to the shopping center, the thing slid down my leg leaving my pump dangling on the ground as I frantically tried to pick it up. 

I wish I could change the misconception that we can't eat certain things. Even after explaining what T1D is to people, I still get shamed for eating certain things by them. It drives me absolutely crazy. Depending on my mood, I will sometimes tell them that the donut/ice cream/[insert sugary food here] isn't good for them either! My blood sugars are certainly better when I eat lower carb but I'm just not willing to cut out the things I like. I bolus, watch my CGM, and act accordingly. Yay technology!

When I was diagnosed with diabetes, one of my best friends already had it so it softened the blow. However, I was still struggling with self-esteem and other things that made having diabetes really difficult and complicated. I didn't reach out the way I should have. In recent years I've been able to meet such incredible people and I truly appreciate this community. 

I'm so thankful that there are so many amazing people with diabetes connecting us to others. You're Just My Type, YLC, Connected In Motion, Beta Cell Podcast, and Beyond Type 1 are such game changers. I feel like the coolest people have diabetes! It's a sucky, crazy, and weird thing that we all have in common but I really love how close the T1D community is. I wish I would've reached out sooner."