Age: 14 Year Diagnosed: 2013 Location: Garden Grove, CA


"Diabetes has really changed my life. Before I had this illness I didn't even know what Diabetes was. When I first learned about it, people would make fun of it and call all diabetics fat and unhealthy. So I told whoever I could about the truth of Diabetes, and to prove people wrong about the way diabetics look on the outside, I wanted to be the opposite of what they thought diabetics were."

Best piece of advice from Sean's mother: I would advise any new parent not to use Diabetes as a crutch or as an excuse not to live life like a regular child. We have so much now to aid in keeping our kids healthy that we didn't have 20...even 10 years ago. My son performs in his show choir, is in tech crew for his sister's choir, goes on sleepovers, weekend trips, and even went to Washington DC for a week with his school! If we didn't have his Continuous Glucose Meter, he wouldn't have gone. We were able to watch his blood sugars from home, and we did have to call to wake him up to raise his blood sugar a couple of nights. I feel so blessed that we have the technology that we do! Diabetes doesn't slow him down!

I have a bad parenting moment that has given us laughs after the fact.. Sean and I went to a wedding 2 months after his diagnosis. He didn't eat that well and was running around a lot. It came time to leave and he sat in the back seat of the car to watch a movie during the long drive home. At one point, I noticed him asleep, slumped over the arm rest. I panicked and was yelling at him to make sure he was just sleeping and not passed out. He was wearing headphones so he couldn't hear me. The only thing available to me to toss at him was a light sandal that I was wearing. Even though I tossed it lightly and there was so much body for it to hit, it hit his eye socket. After he got over his tears and we got home, he got out of the car and told his Dad "Mom thought I was dead, so she threw a shoe at my eye!" Yes, he did have a shiner the next day.