Age: 31 Year Diagnosed: 2006 Location: Pasadena, Ca

"I urge type 1s to frequently talk with other type 1s and find a doctor who really gets the disease. Most doctors and nurses I've come across run things purely by the books and don't understand how difficult it really is to keep consistent levels. This can lead to extreme frustration at the very least, but potentially "diabetic burnout" and depression.

I personally carried a large amount of anxiety around having high blood sugar for many years because a nurse had put the fear of God in me shortly after I was diagnosed. Years later, after speaking with other type 1s I realized I wasn't alone and controlling sugar isn't as easy as many medical professionals make it seem. Having conversations like this with other people going through the same exact ordeal every day and night has made the entire journey easier. Plus, I've made some great unique friendships along the way."