Age: 28 Year Diagnosed: 2001 Location: Los Angeles, CA

"So much of type 1 diabetes evolves around numbers (blood sugar, carb counts, A1c, insulin-to-carb ratio, etc.) that we often don't pay enough attention to the emotional side of the disease. As much as we hate to admit it, T1D affects every aspect of our lives, and the only way we can deal with it is by sharing our stories with one another: our successes, our failures, our pet peeves, and even just funny anecdotes. We need these stories to show us that we're normal and that everything is going to be okay.

Volunteering with JDRF has introduced me to tons of other people living with T1D and I’ve realized just how much we all have in common—even though our lives are so different—because we all have T1D. Hearing what they are going through helped me understand and come to terms with my own diagnosis. Despite being on T1D forums and following people on social media, I never got to understand what they were going through, I only saw when they posted complaining about bad highs or low. Instead, I wanted to meet as many people with T1D as I could and hear about what their lives are like. 
Last year I started Beta Cell, a podcast where I interview people with T1D about their lives and see how it affects the things that they do and also how they stop T1D from getting in the way of their lives. My hope is that listeners will be as moved by the interviewees as I am by their struggles, courage, and, ultimately, hope."