Age: 24 Year Diagnosed: 2005 Location; South Pasadena, CA


"So, my biggest pet peeve is when people assume diabetes is just all the same, that there is no difference between type 1 and 2, when people would say "so you ate a lot of sugar and that's why you got it?" Or "so now you can't eat sugar?" It would annoy the hell out of me. One day in a health class I was taking in college the professor was talking about autoimmune diseases and casually just mentioned diabetes, just diabetes, no type 1 or type 2...so my hand shot up. I proceeded to go on a 10 minute rant about how this is what's wrong and why we need to fix it. People just stared. After class the professor asked me to stay behind and he started talking to me, that's when he told me that the next class was going to be all about diabetes and the difference between type 1 and 2.......then he showed me his blog sugar kit!!! He was a type 1! I felt so embarrassed but also great at the same time knowing that he knows there needs to be better education and he himself was leading the way!"