Age: 30 Year Diagnosed: 1996 Location: Long Beach, CA

"I think the most common misconception with diabetes is that we are allergic to sugar. Nope. I can eat cake and have a scoop of ice cream like the next person. Just need to adjust my insulin dosage accordingly and test my blood sugar a couple more times. 

The most embarrassing moment was probably in 5th grade. I was in P.E. And my blood sugar was super low. I liked to pretend I didn't have a disease at that point in life because I wanted to be like my friends, normal. I ended up dropping so low that my whole body went numb I got dizzy and it felt like I was dreaming. I ended up telling my teacher to go places and eat things that I don't believe anyone should ever say to anyone. When he asked if I was feeling ok I said a couple more things pulled down my shorts and walked out of the gym to the office. After the nurse called the paramedics because I wasn't responding to her I broke down and started crying. The next day I had to apologize and explain what had happened the day before. My blood sugar was 16."