Age: 4  Year Diagnosed: 2015  Location: Long Beach, Ca


(In the words of his mother)

"I needed to test Josiah and we were at Ikea, so we sat on a display sofa and discretely tested him when a women behind us whispered, (loud enough for us to hear) that I should've went to the restroom to do that. I turned to her and told her that I would never hide to test my son, especially not in a public bathroom full of germs! I guess she was more embarrassed than us after. 

Last week, diabetes became even more alarming and real for us when Josiah collapsed in my arms and passed out from a severe low. I had to give him a glucagon shot, while, dialing 911, caring for my 2 year old son and tucking my dog away so I could leave the doors open and make way for the paramedics. He recovered slowly but well but I've never been so scared in my entire life. I'm still very traumatized by the event and sad that he mostly remembers the whole thing and now has nightmares and tells me when he wakes up, that he'll drop and make me cry and scared and he'll be sick again. It breaks my heart. His diaversary is coming up on Sept, 8th and I was sure I'd survive at least 1 year without have to use the glucagon. "


Best piece of advice from Josiah's mom: Trust your instincts, stay pro-active, don't take it for granted when you have good numbers, stay on your toes..