Age: 28   Year Diagnosed: 1994  Location: Corona, Ca


"I was lucky enough that when I was diagnosed with T1D I was still so young I didn't fully understand how this would affect my life. Who it was hardest on was my parents, and I am so thankful they made this transition of a life with insulin shots, and blood testing as easy as possible. I only wish they had more support in having their 6 year old diagnosed, as they had never heard what diabetes was. For me, I met one of my best friends at the age of 7 who had been diagnosed around the same time as well. From then on, I started going to camp with kids who also had T1D. This disease has been a blessing in disguise for me because even though I live with this everyday until we find a cure, I know that my support system will always be there for me, and I can only wish I do the same for others. I am beyond grateful!

Living with type 1 diabetes you are going to be OK, and you will live a healthy life. We are lucky enough that this day in age we have countless options of what works for us individually in managing type 1 diabetes. It is scary at times, but we learn more about ourselves and what is the best way to manage this. Also, that there are so many camps and organizations that you can be involved in to meet others living with type 1 diabetes. That has really made a difference in my life."