Age: 33  Year Diagnosed: 2000  Location: Costa Mesa, Ca


"Some great tips and advice I'd like to give to kids, teens or adults just diagnosed with type one is this: 

Realizing how much managing blood sugars will help things like having more energy for doing activities you love, feeling good, doing better in school, or mostly being a happier and more pleasant person to be around. 

This leads to tip #1   

Don't ever think you cannot do something with diabetes, you can do anything a person without diabetes can do. Keep confident. The only thing that you have to be is a little more prepared. Witch leads me to…


 Being organized by getting your supplies together early before going out to school or for having fun so that you're prepared to keep yourself on track and ready to rock. Adults get a cool/functional bag to keep supplies in, it makes for a happier experience testing and managing sugar levels daily.

#3 Be prepared for ups and downs. Have a couple hard candies with you in your supply bag. Tell friends and teachers if you’re feeling high or low. 

#4 Follow your doctor’s advice. If questions come up when you’re away from the doctor, make a reminder list to bring so you don't forget to ask at your next visit.  

#5 Be willing to listen to other diabetics you meet on your journey. Get signed up for clubs/ camps to meet-up with other type one diabetics. Have a good time and share your stories.”