Age: 28  Year Diagnosed: 1989  Location: Downey, CA


"I worked at House of Blues LA for about a year and a half. My first week there I was treating a low blood sugar in the production office. My buddy came in and immediately said "what's up juice box?" The name stuck and now I have a tattoo of it on my right arm.

Often times my pump gets mistaken for a wireless in ear monitor pack by house audio crews when I am touring. When I had my in ears manufactured, I chose see through purple so my ears matched my rad 'wireless pack'.

Type 1 does not inherently make you fragile or perpetually sick. I've toured the United States, Canada and Europe, I've hiked difficult trails/mountains in So Cal, I managed the adventure program at Camp Conrad Chinnock for several years and I have worked shows/festivals with little food and sleep. Type 1 did not prevent me from doing all of these things. It hasn't been easy but I've made sure that my condition didn't hinder my ability to pursue my career."