Age:  26 Year Diagnosed:  2013  Location: Riverside, Ca

"I was using MDI to manage my diabetes during the time of my wedding. I remember right when the reception started, I went to my bridal suite with my maid of honor to inject my insulin for dinner. I didn't want to use my arms in case it bled and got on my dress, so my maid of honor held up my huge ballgown while I dug through the tulle to inject in my stomach. Right at that moment, another one of my bridesmaids walked in with her husband. Luckily, her husband was a few steps behind her, so he didn't see anything. But you know you have the best bridal party when they help you dress, pee, AND inject insulin!

If you were recently diagnosed, I want you to know this: YOUR LIFE ISN’T OVER! I wish I would have had someone tell me that four years ago. You will still be able to eat that macaroni and cheese, go on that school trip, get your dream job, or have children. It just takes more planning and commitment. You are stronger than diabetes.