Name: Elliott    Age: 39    Year Diagnosed: 1994  Location: Los Angeles, Ca

“I’ve been a diabetic for so long now, but it wasn’t until I was on American Idol that I realized I could actually use my platform & exposure to try and raise awareness, and inspire fellow diabetics. Since then, I’ve been privileged to meet so many people who share the same disease AND relatable stories. Now I don’t feel as alone or as outcasted as I did before Idol...so, while I get to help others, it also helps me in the process!

I would say first & foremost don’t let it discourage you, or get in the way of your goals and aspirations. Even though there’s no cure (yet), it isn’t a life sentence! no two days are the same living with diabetes, and it never takes a day off..so I tend to look at it as being unique and different, and I’ve tried to embrace that over the years..I would encourage any fellow diabetic to get involved with walks, fundraisers, and do whatever you can to raise awareness for our plight.”