Age: 22   Year Diagnosed:  1997   Location: Los Angeles, Ca

"When I was applying to universities, I knew I wanted to go to USC and study Music Industry. I worked for 2 weeks trying to get a phone call with the dean of the program but ultimately had no luck. Finally, my family decided to take a chance and have me fly from Montreal to LA. The plan was to show up, knock on his door and ask for 15 mins to chat. When I landed in LA, I turned my phone back on and saw I had an email in my inbox from the program chair. He had finally responded and asked if I could meet with him the following morning at 10 AM. So my mom and I drove to campus in our rental car. I went into the The Music Complex and she waited parked outside. I finished the meeting close to an hour and a half later and sat in the car. "I'm getting into this school" I said to her. "Why?" she asked. Turns out the program chair's daughter was also a T1D."