Age:  31    Year Diagnosed: 2015   Location: Coconut Creek, FL

"Growing up I was very active and always on the go. I would have to use the bathroom a lot and was always drinking water. I joined the army and it was the same thing. Multiple deployments and lots of blood work and nothing was ever said. I got out and went to school for automotive. When I got hired at the dealership, I had to get a physical done. That’s when the doctor said that my BG reading was off the charts and I had to go to the hospital. My life changed at that moment. When i was first diagnosed, I was truly alone. I had just moved to South Florida, was just starting a new job. I have no family here. It took me a while to finally accept that this is my new life. Social media has helped me out so much. I know that I’m not the only one and I will always have everyone's support."