Age: 33    Year Diagnosed: 1995    Location: Los Angeles, Ca

"People often say to me “You don’t look diabetic”... I am shocked how many people are ignorant when it comes to diabetes. Diabetes does not have a specific look or age. It does not stop us from doing things. This is one big reason why I decided to be open about my diabetes on Instagram. Little did I know, this was going to change my life in a positive way. I have been honored to meet so many other wonderful type one diabetics. Together with my 'diabuddies', we are changing the way other people see type one.

It will be 24 years since I was diagnosed with type one diabetes and I have only had one seizure due to a low blood sugar. I was living with my parents, it was around4:45 a.m. and was woken up because I was drenched in sweat. I sat up in bed with my eyes wide open but was non-responsive when asked to check my sugar. I began shaking which of course scared everyone in my house and they called 911. My dad attempted to give me orange juice but my teeth were clenched, so next he poured spoonfuls of sugar in my mouth. Soon, I woke up with my family surrounding my bed and the paramedics were on their way. By the time the paramedics checked my sugar, I believe I was 70 so they gave me some sugar gel to help raise my sugar. We did not have a glucagon shot. It would have come in handy that day."