Age: 45   Year Diagnosed: 1999   Location: New York, NY

"There's actually two specific misconceptions about T1D that I wish would change. The first is based in educating the general public; the second is based in educating ourselves. First: the common misconception that, in the mind of the general public, 'diabetes' is typically viewed as only one disorder. While there's definitely some overlap at times, as someone embedded in the day to day, I know there are many flavors of diabetes; most with a catalyst that was beyond our control. Second: that T1D limits people. This has been a focus for me as I've sought out and encountered countless T1Ds who have achieved seemingly android-like accomplishments. From climbing Mt. Everest to running across the Sahara desert. From touring the globe as a punk rock musician to creating remarkable pieces of art with deep messaging. These individuals are a part of a community of inspirational people who happen to manage T1D. Their message of 'no limits' needs to be heard by the world, especially by those affected by T1D who don't yet recognize their potential despite a diagnosis."