Age: 7  Year Diagnosed: 2015  Location: Los Angeles, Ca

"Many people think that having diabetes is scary. They think having to poke yourself every day would really hurt. I want to tell them "it doesn't even hurt that much guys!"

My thought is I really hope they find a cure for diabetes. I am always wondering when they will find a cure and how they will find a cure.

If I met a newly diagnosed diabetic who did shots, I would tell them "Don't worry, in 2 seconds it will be over. The way it looks is much scarier than how it feels."

Best piece of advice from Lee's mother: "Find a community of parents who can understand the challenges you face. I have leaned on my fellow T1D moms for support and advise so many times. Having that person you can reach out to 24 hours a day to vent, cry, laugh and connect with is SO important."