Age: 5 Year Diagnosed: 2016 Location: Camarillo, CA

"It's funny how the big kids are afraid of the blood on my finger; but it's really no big deal. My friends think it's really scary but I'm really brave.

I don't want the scientists to forget about me. I don't want to have diabetes forever.

My piece of advice is that everything will be ok and don't be afraid. There are other people in the world that have diabetes and you will get to meet them and make new friends. You aren't by yourself."

Best piece of advice from Madison's mother: "My 5 year old daughter will constantly ask me, "What am I?" in reference to her blood glucose numbers. I always answer, 'a beautiful girl, sweet girl, smart girl, blonde haired/blue eye angel', anything but the number itself. I don't want her to think that she "is" diabetes and that there is so much more to her than her diagnosis. Always try to acknowledge the child first (not diabetes)! When you come home from work ask them about school, sports or friends first and then get to the other stuff."