Age: 21  Year Diagnosed: 2007  Location: Boston, MA

"I once woke up to the sound of my Omnipod beeping, signaling that its insulin vial was empty. I tried to get the beeping to stop by pushing the "Change Pod" button on the device, but after 10 minutes it was still going (and loudly beeping, too). So, I pulled it off my hip, walked downstairs, went onto my balcony, where I have good aim to the trash bins in the side yard, and I threw it across the yard and it landed in the trash bins. Hours later when I finally woke up to go to class, when walked out my front door I could hear that it was still beeping. The next day when I got home it was STILL beeping. I honestly don't think it ever stopped and we could hear it outside the house until the day the trash got picked up.

Your glucose numbers are not a reflection of you. Your A1C is not a grade, and it's important to be wary of not basing your self worth on your glucose numbers. You're going to have bad days and you should be gentle with yourself and patient. You don't get a break from type 1 diabetes, so it's okay sometimes to play hooky from life and take care of yourself. "