Age: 15  Year Diagnosed: 2003  Location: Laguna Beach, Ca

"I feel as though type 1 diabetics are put into the category of "you're unhealthy", which is super untrue. I feel as though it's because of the constant commercials and ads for type 2 diabetics, there's just not enough awareness for us, so when we tell people we have diabetes their mind jumps to type 2. It's funny because I'm constantly told that I don't look diabetic, well what does "looking diabetic" even look like? People are constantly shocked when I tell them, and I feel as though it's such a common misconception about the different types. When it comes to it I'm probably not the only one told "you shouldn't eat that" or "that's sugar, aren't you diabetic?" It gets annoying fast, and it shows that people don't know enough. They mean well, but because people aren't educated enough they mix the two types up. I feel as though if we would have more awareness, people would know more about it. "