Age: 27Year of Diagnosis: 2001  Location: San Diego, CA

"I was playing in the water at the beach and started to get cold, as I began to exit the water a little girl yelled and pointed "there's an octopus on your leg" to which I immediately felt my body clench up. I slowly looked down on my leg and realized she had mistaken my pump site for a small creature that had attached itself to my leg.

I've always appreciated the T1D community. Being type one has given me the opportunity to come together with other people and support one another in a life altering disease, whether that be at Diabetes Camp, a local JDRF fundraiser or event. While I have been fortunate to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with type one the mentality I hold is that we can learn to accept it and work with it, but we do not have to let it run our lives."