Age: 25  Year of Diagnosis: 2002  Location: San Diego, Ca

"I had always done various volunteer things with diabetes. I attended diabetes camp as a counselor, mentored newly diagnosed kids, and even completed my final internship for college with the JDRF Atlanta chapter. But after 25 years in Georgia and 14 years of dealing with T1, I decided it was time to start helping people like me. So I packed up my life and me and my D.A.D (Diabetes Alert Dog) Bear, set off for sunny San Diego to come to work at Dexcom! Now I get to help people like me all the time. Every time I talk to a Mom with a child who was JUST diagnosed and I tell them I'm Type 1 and I wear the Dexcom and I'm doing just fine...I know I've made a difference. And that makes it all worth it."