Age: 61  Year Diagnosed: 1985  Location: Hamilton, OH

"About a week before my diagnosis, I came down with an ear infection. A couple days later, on Friday September 27, my wife commented that I looked thin. Weighed myself, found my weight down to 150 lb. when it had been 185. So, before class I stopped at student health clinic, where they drew some blood for testing. On October 1, I had just finished a major anatomy midterm when I got word to get to the hospital now. It was there that I learned that my blood sugar from 4 days earlier was in the 800's. My wife got to the hospital, and her first words: "You're proud of yourself that you aced a hard neuro exam when you should have been in a coma, aren't you". Yeah, I was. My classmates all came to see me later. Loved their comment: 'You know how embarrassing this is that all of us are supposed to be some of the best nurses around and not one of us caught this?'

There have been a couple times where it has been so hard that I thought, "I could end it. I can't do this anymore". But then I thought of my two sons. Looking at me and saying, "You are supposed to show me how to be a man, be a dad". So I find new reasons. My son Randy Jr. and I earned Immortal Medals last year for running all the Ragnar Relay races last year. How lucky am I to do something so cool with my son? Every Ragnar I run now, one thought that motivates me is this: How many older than me are out here doing this? How many have an insulin pump attached to them?

This may seem a little corny, but give it your best shot. Don't let it stop you. What my son Jimmy told me once, 'You hate to lose at anything, Dad. But that's a good thing with what you face'."