Age: 31Year Diagnosed: 2012 Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

"A few weeks before being diagnosed, with my symptoms raging and out of control, I definitely peed my pants. In public. At the age of 27. Fortunately I was wearing black, and that is the only good thing about that experience.

I love the T1D community - I have found such warm, kind, fun-loving, life-affirming people to share with and learn from. I was so scared and defeated when I was first diagnosed, I didn't have a clue about diabetes in any of its forms let alone what my life was about to turn into. I really didn't seek out community at first, while I took a lot of time to recover and get healthy and learn about my new life. When I was ready for community, though, it was there and has been there with open arms!! I've been to camps, meet-ups, happy hours, and of course online community is huge. I love your work, Laura. I love @appletonpictures on Instagram, he's doing super cool work with graffiti and creative advocacy for type 1. I haven't gotten a Myabetic yet but I probably will the next time I get on a computer. Beyond Type 1 has been a great source of inspiration and motivation, I love what they're doing - and I love their Drop logo!"