Age: 31  Year Diagnosed: 2002  Location: Long Beach, Ca

"In college, several times when referring to needing to take a shot (of insulin) people thought I was taking a shot (of alcohol) and they wanted to join me.

When I got diagnosed, I was a senior in high school. I was loading up my backpack with a different beverage for each period and peeing constantly. My prescription glasses weren't working and my prescription had to be increased. My pants were loose but I just started wearing a belt. This went on for a couple of weeks before my boyfriend went out of town and I was tired of being at school. I called my mom and said I didn't feel well. We went to the doctor's office together and then my mom told them she thought I might be diabetic. It never even crossed my mind! After that I was rushed off to children's hospital for the weekend and the rest is history...

Life is not over! My grandpa (who was also type 1) would be amazed at how wonderful my pump is now. Things are only getting better for us. I don't think our grandchildren will even have to worry about half of the stuff we do."