Age: 46  Year Diagnosed: 1977  Location: Undisclosed

"Appleton is an Artist and Photographer.  

Creating art, images and sculptures for over 40 years.

After surviving a diabetic coma at the age of six, Appleton began to collect almost every Insulin bottle that has gone through his system. Along with hundreds of these bottles, faded syringes and old blood strips would remain as well---all reminders of his survival through the years.

With no cure in sight, Appleton’s mission is to spread and raise awareness of diabetes through his art.

Appleton offers this….a small footnote amongst many.

Throughout ones life they may never have to ask for anything—to humble ones self.

To be head down in request. They may never to have reduce themselves for a hand out or help.

In the course of my over 40 year sentence with type one diabetes, I have had many such experiences. Ones where timing took precedence over politeness—dropping blood sugar and no money don’t mix. Pleading / assuring a store owner you would be back and you weren’t stealing.

During my teenage years there weren’t any ATMs or 24 hour banks. If you didn’t have money —you didn’t have money.

You had to humble yourself and explain why you needed help——not many people want to do that —especially as a teenager

One of the heavier thoughts and daily battles with diabetes is the aloneness of it all. Even with the closest of loves and the dearest parents—one with diabetes will feel, at sometime in their life an aloneness that only they will know. Only ones with type one diabetes will know.

As much as we'd like to imagine, people in our lives w/o type one diabetes— will never know the weight we carry.

But in this —we are not alone.

My art evolved from my studio to the street and back again. I have always been inspired by art, writing/messages in street art—the stories you can get from the walls of any city.

A woman wrote to me that she see’s my art on her way to work.Not knowing who, what, why etc….she realized immediately it was an insulin bottle from her youth.

Later meeting this sweet person—she would tell me that her first thought was…”I am not alone.” For me that is what my art is about…

Today I am not alone."