Age: 25 Year Diagnosed: 1999 Location: Bristol, UK

"A few months ago, I hit the 18 year milestone of having type 1 diabetes. After dealing with a disease for such a great portion of my life, I thought I knew all the curves and corners of how I perceived myself in my disease. This changed when I began working for an organization that provides essential diabetes supplies to young people who live in low-resourced countries.

Sometimes a change in perspective is all it takes to put you in the driver's seat of your life. For me, it was seeing first-hand how a lack of access to basic and essential diabetes supplies can disrupt the lives of young people with diabetes. But also, seeing the beauty of resilience manifest in young people with diabetes and their families in the most trying of times.

I keep learning life-changing lessons throughout my diabetes even 18 years on. This year I learned how to channel my gratitude for the technology I have access to by caring for myself and continuing to advocate that everyone in the globe has the right to live a good life with diabetes. "