Age: 5  Diagnosed: 2014  Location: Beverly Hills, Ca

(In the words of her mother):  Shiloh says, "T1d hurts sometimes, but it makes me stronger."  She honestly doesn't complain about having T1d, she's neither proud nor ashamed of it.  She doesn't remember life without it, and everyone she's ever met with t1d is brilliant, healthy, and high-achieving.  So at least for now, her view is simple.

As Shiloh's mom, I wish people wouldn't frown or say, "I'm so sorry," when I share that Shiloh is type 1 diabetic."

Best piece of advice: "Connect with other T1ds as much as possible, in person and through social media.  Choose to see T1d as a challenge, not an illness, and look for the hidden blessings and the opportunity for growth.  Also, get a Freestyle Libre, a wonderful device for measuring blood glucose levels (not available in the U.S., but easy to acquire online from multiple reliable sources in Europe.)"