Age: 26  Year Diagnosed: 1990  Location: Costa Mesa, Ca

"Here's my favorite: When I was in elementary school, I got in trouble on the playground for calling a girl "stupid". When I was taken to the principal's office, he asked me why I called this little girl stupid. My response was, "Sometimes when my blood sugar goes low, I say things I don't mean!" My blood sugar was fine that day, and not much has changed regarding my perspective on girls...

Having diabetes as long as I have has been a challenge, however looking back as an adult I can clearly see the person that it has helped me become. A little over cautious at times, but generally appreciative of the little things that many people may forget to appreciate on a daily basis. Like a little magical substance called ice cream. I always tell myself, if I'm ever cured, the VERY first thing I will do is eat an entire gallon container of cookie dough ice cream.

You can do everything that someone without diabetes can do, and even more! I can play guitar better than most people, and I can also kick some major butt on the tennis court. Also, when it comes to dating, and meeting new people, never be ashamed or embarrassed of your condition. I wear my CGM on my arm for everyone to see, and tons of people are curious and I am happy to explain it. OWN IT!"