Age: 45Year Diagnosed: 1974Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

(Translated from Slovenian to English)

“It was the year 1974. Due to constant thirst and frequent urination, my mother took me to the pediatric clinic where my blood sugar was measured 40+ mmol. I still remember the stairs in the pediatric clinic, where I could no longer walk. I stopped before them and said, ‘Mom, my legs hurt me, do you mind carrying me?’ My mom picked me up and took me up the stairs to the emergency room. My mother asked the dcotors what she should do about her baby, but they told her they didn’t even think I would survive through the night. 

After six weeks I came home, and my life started over. Insulin doses were determined based on the amount of blood sugar measured in the urine with the aid of Clinitest tablets. Insulin was administered with glass injections and large needles in the morning. Each morning, it was necessary to boil the needles and test tubes. 

Now, I’ve been on an insulin pump for the past eight years, which I am extremely grateful for. With the pump, my life is easier, and I can enjoy life as much as possible and live it to the fullest. I've always been different and always something special, and I will stay with my loyal hip friend (my pump, that keeps me healthy!"