Age: 29 Year Diagnosed: 2007 Location: Fresno, Ca

“Since Type 1 Diabetes doesn’t have very many physical characteristics, other than an insulin pump, a CGM, and/or calloused fingers, people think everything is fine all of the time. I wish I could let more non-Type 1 Diabetics know what one goes through, emotionally and physically, when having a hypoglycemic episode or what the effects of hyperglycemia are. How they could recognize a high or a low; how they could be of assistance in any of these cases. 

Number 1 piece of advice to newly diagnosed T1 Diabetics: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Reach out to others; ask for advice; don’t be afraid to ask any question (no matter how silly you may think it to be). When I was first diagnosed, I tried to ignore my diagnosis; I thought that if I just slept more when I was tired, I would be fine. That mindset led to multiple, life-threatening visits to the ER with both lows and highs. It wasn’t easy to start talking about what I was feeling, but doing so has helped me be more aware of my symptoms. And I have also made great friends whom I can talk to about what I’m feeling, and I know that they understand; that in itself makes a T1 journey a lot more manageable.”