Age: 28  Year Diagnosed: 2017 Location: Toluca Lake, Ca

"Being diagnosed with Type 1 in your 20s is tough. Adults don't have the same amount of support as T1D children. We don't have our parents to take care of us, to remind us to check our BG, or to save our life in the middle of the night from going too low. We don't have fun camps to attend or the same amount of support groups. I remember feeling so alone while lying in the ICU at night after my diagnosis. I didn't know a SOUL with diabetes, but I didn't let that get me down. I dove right into the Type 1 community by joining organizations and meet up groups in order to make T1D friends and learn everything I could. This would ultimately lead to my new career working for the diabetes fashion company, Myabetic just 3 months after my diagnosis!