Age: 22  Year Diagnosed: 1998 Location: Camarillo, Ca

"I like to say that my body has a vendetta against me. I've had diabetes for 18 years now and it is definitely acting like a spoiled young adult. I have tons of scar tissue on my belly, Hashimoto's thyroiditis as a comorbid illness, and additional medications for insulin resistance. I am a very, very tired 22 year old. Most of my high school and college years are marked by uncontrolled numbers in the 300s and feeling like my body is its own entity and completely out of my control to handle. I felt lost and hated myself for it. I'm only now really trying to take back control of myself, and it is extremely difficult. I want people to know that just because an illness is commonly referred to as "manageable," does not mean it is not difficult, aggravating, and frankly, incredibly dangerous. Think about it- a hormone you take too much of, you can die, and you take too little, you can die. On the flip side, I'm lucky I've met wonderful diabetics in my day at camp and at school, and they give me hope that one day I'll be able to go weeks without feeling like my body is revolting against me."