Age: 27  Year Diagnosed: 2015 Location: Long Beach, Ca

"Growing up 2 out of 3 brothers, my dad and Grandpa had type 1 diabetes. My younger brother had a really difficult time with diabetes. I would always give him a hard time about sucking it up and to "get over it." The poor guy was a child. Now being diagnosed and going through the roller coaster of diabetes, I now know how wrong I was. I wish it was explained to me and I had never been so hard on him.

Find what works for you but do not be ignorant. My family is so comfortable in their normal routine that they settle with old school methods. Try a CGM (continuous glucose monitoring system) or an insulin pump. Always research and help to improve your quality of life because nobody else will advocate for you more than yourself. If your doctor is not offering you the latest technologies, get a new doctor."