Age: 32 Year Diagnosed: 2005 Location: Century City, Ca

"Why don't you hide your meter and insulin pen during lunch?"  I was once asked.  Hurt, offended and misunderstood are only three of the ways I felt in that moment.  I know many of you have felt the same, and likely more than once.  We are not defined by diabetes.  As someone once told me, "Diabetes is not a disease or a disability.  It's a condition you adjust to your life."  Yes, it is a part of who we are and it may or may not be forever, but until then, I know I will not hide it. I will educate those that are ignorant about it and I will tell my story and tell it proudly.  Those that will choose to turn away from us because of it should not be in our lives to begin with.  I will fight ignorance and I will continue to prove that sky is the limit to what we can accomplish.  Stand with me. "